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Motorcycle Insurance

Massachusetts might have more highways and places to see than the other states in the Union. Are you finally hitting the Massachusetts Highways on your bike? Don't forget to insure your motorcycle in Massachusetts, you must carry liability insurance on your motorcycle in Massachusetts to keep your bike street legal.

It's important to understand the coverage's, conditions and exclusions of any motorcycle insurance policy your auto insurance company may offer. Many people assume their motorcycle insurance policy covers all the same things their auto insurance does only to find out at the time of a loss that some kinds of claims are not covered or not covered the same way as their auto insurance.

Motorcycle insurance coverage varies by state and insurance company. In some states certain laws may make it more difficult to find motorcycle insurance coverage. If you have difficulty finding motorcycle insurance in your state you may want to ask your insurance agent how to contact the state insurance division or commissioner in order to obtain coverage.

Your driving history and insurance credit score may impact your ability to find motorcycle insurance. The fact is that riding a motor cycle is a higher risk activity than driving a car is. A person with tickets or accidents on their driving record may be viewed as too high of a risk for the insurance company to extend coverage of motorcycle use.

In many cases there are discounts drivers may qualify for including multi-motorcycle policies, mature driver discounts and insuring both your auto's and motorcycles. In some cases discounts are offered for attending certain training programs or becoming a certified motorcycle safety instructor.

No matter what company you choose to insure your motorcycle it's important to understand the differences in risk you face as a rider. While driving our cars we are a greater risk of hurting someone else personally or damaging their property. While driving a motorcycle we take a greater risk for our own personal safety and are less likely to hurt someone else.

The most important portion of a motorcycle policy is the medical coverage for you and in many cases this is where the greatest difference between auto and motorcycle insurance lays. Lowest cost motorcycle insurance may be lower because the medical coverage offered to the rider is less or not even part of the policy. When insuring a motorcycle shopping and choosing a policy based on the premium amount is a huge mistake. It's best to compare coverage's and then look at the premiums for the same types of coverage.

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